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Deep Breathing Techniques

This is very important to know – so important, that I devoted a whole to this. You can alleviate your Klonopin withdrawals and other problems by using this technique. It’s sounds easy – but unfortunately, it isn’t used much.

The deep breathing technique is mainly used for self-hypnosis or relaxing the body during panic attacks. I know, all you have to do is inhale deeply and exhale. However, there is much more to this than that. Humans are shallow breathers, so taking deep breathes to either relax or exercise is a big deal and must be practiced in order for it to become a habit.

Here is how you breathe deeply: Sit in a chair or lay down on a bed or couch. Loosen up your clothing and clothes your eyes. Now inhale deeply and count to five – when you have filled your lungs with air, hold it, don’t exhale yet. Count to five then exhale slowly. Repeat five more times. Believe it or not, this little technique will help you relax and put your mind and body in another state.

This practice can help you get to sleep as well. From time to time, I have problems sleeping and may take a sleeping aid. However, when I don’t take anything for my sleeping problems and I find myself looking at the ceiling, I practice the above method. This has helped me every single time – but there is one problem. The mind usually wonders and I go back breathing normally (or shallow).

To overcome panic attacks or utilizing meditation to relax yourself – you must become disciplined in focusing on breathing deep. There is some effort on your part and you have to keep reminding yourself to keep on this technique. Once this is mastered, you can use this for any anxiety problem that you face.