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Overcoming Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms with Exercise

Exercise will not help you overcome Klonopin withdrawal symptoms permanently, but it will hope you relieve these “tough emotions” that makes you feels like crap…at least for some time. Excercise gives you a sense of well being. I usually get on a bike and pedal like a mad man for about twenty minutes. I can’t keep up the pace and I’ll eventually slow down, then I go for a steady pace.

Scientist say that exercising for only ten minutes will release endophorines – which basically mean that you will feel better. However, don’t get the idea that this will allow you to overcome the withdrawal feelings for the rest of the day. I can only speak from experience, but if I get on a bike or treadmill and “move it” for twenty or thirty minutes, sometimes the awful feelings will go away for maybe four or five hours. There are times however, and very rarely, that it may not work at all. I would say that nine times out of ten, if your doing some sort of vigorous exercise, you’ll feel a lot better. You still might have some withdrawal symptoms, but not as bad.

Usually when exercise is mentioned – the subject of eating healthy is comes up. However, from what I read, eating right does give you extra energy. You’ll need this energy to overcome some of these symptoms. However, this will not make them go away, even temporary.

All in all, this can relieve the symptoms for a few hours. If your at home and you get these attacks – get on a bike and start pedling away.


This is an update about the exercise that can overcome Klonopin withdrawal symptoms. I have further experimented with the above and found out there is a good side and a bad side with this. Here it is:

The last couple of months – when I have done exercises and before I do them, I may experience withdrawal symptoms. About ten to fifteen minutes in my exercise program, the Klonopin withdrawal symptoms do go away by about 85%. However, if I do not have any symptoms before I start exercising, about five minutes into doing strenuous workouts, my symptoms appear (especially the mind fog). So what I do is keep exercising. It’s horrible to try and exercise while I have mind fog or skin crawling, but I workout anyway – basically pushing through. About forty minutes later, my symptoms are about 90% gone. If I go longer, it usually disappears (though I really don’t go over an hour). So this is something to consider if you are into any strenuous workout programs.

To read more about the advanced workout program that could possibly lead to more symptoms (but then eventually go away) – please click on the link that is two paragraphs above (underneath the “Update” article).

One more thing – I know I’ve said this before, but if you get the Klonopin withdrawal symptoms while exercising – just make sure you push through it unless you really can’t do it. Also – before starting any exercise program – consult your doctor, tell him about the workout program that you choose and also the medications that you are taking (in which he should already know).