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Overcoming Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms with GABA

I tried using GABA that I bought from General Nutritional Center (GNC) last year. I’ll have to admit, it did work somewhat. I know that GABA has a calming effect on the body. However, on of my mistakes when I was taking this was going cold-turkey on Klonopin and replacing it with GABA. Bad move.

Actually, when I went off Klonopin, not only did my withdrawal symptoms take center stage, the GABA I was taking caused my face to feel like it was on fire. Needless to say, I went back onto the Klonopin and then took GABA. I tapered off my Klonopin a little while I increased my GABA. It did work and it did have a soothing effect on my body/mind and I knew it wasn’t just the Klonopin.

What I found out was this is an excellent way to taper off Klonopin. My problem was that I didn’t follow through – but when I took GABA while I tapered off Klonopin, it was working. However, my career got in the way and for some stupid reason, I stopped taking GABA and went back to my regular dosages of Klonopin. For a person that is motivated in getting off of Klonopin, all the medical websites tell you not to go off Klonopin suddenly – believe me, you’ll pay for it. I’ve only read of a few cases where people would quit without taking GABA or anything else and a year later – they are back to normal. This is rare though. If you decide to withdrawal from Klonopin with GABA – make sure it is a slow, gradual process (going off of Klonopin) where you will have to basically try out how much GABA you should take. Sure, there is a recommended amount of GABA to take, but it doesn’t work. Everybody is made differently, so you really have to play doctor to see what is right for you.

Let’s say you your taking 1 mg of Klonopin a day and want to drop down to .75 mg. You may have to adjust your GABA accordingly by upping it a little – though I am not suggesting that everytime you lower your Klonopin, you should raise the amount of GABA that you take. This is a tricky situation and you’ll have to see what dosages from Klonopin and GABA works for you.