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Green Tea Anxiety – Klonopin Withdrawal Blog

Green Tea Anxiety: It’s been a good day. It is memorial weekend and we made a stop at a grocery store and picked up a few things. I saw the Nestle Green Tea which I used to drink but it really never helped me as far as the Klonopin withdrawal symptoms. This time, I got a different green tea named Teas’ Tea where the ingredients were purified water, green tea and ascorbic acid.

When I got home, I broke open the first bottle (I bought two of them) and drank my first drink of Teas’ Tea. Yuck! The taste sent shivers down my spine – literally. I kept drinking more. I wasn’t at the point of gagging, but it was horrible. I tried to chug it – but only got so far with it. I drank about a half a bottle before I put it back in the fridge. A note here: I paid $2.29 per eight ounce bottle. A little pricey so tomorrow I’ll go back and buy some green tea leaves, because I’m on my second bottle as I write this.

About an hour after I first drank Teas’ Tea, my mind fog went away. The more I drank, the better I felt. However, we went to a movie later on during the day and I figured that I would start feeling the withdrawal symptoms, but I didn’t. However, it was weird. I felt like the symptoms were knocking on my door, trying to get in…but never made it through. I am now going to bed and everything seems to be ok.

I got up this morning and I still feel pretty good. I don’t have my usual mind fog, however, if I went out, the symptoms might appear, so we’ll see what will happen today when I stop by and get something. I do have the about half of a bottle left of Teas’ Tea and I will drink the rest before I pick up some green tea leaves. We’ll see what happens when I do go out. So the question is – will I have mind fog or not? This is my third day off of Klonopin and I am not feeling any symptoms which is incredible.

Going out in public intensifies my symptoms, so I’m not sure how today will turn out. I will have do meditation three times as well, so this will be very interesting. I’ll post an update later on today to tell you how I am doing.


I just did meditation and I feel better. The green tea seems like it is out of my system and my brain fog returned. I’m going to the store now to pick up some loose leaf green tea (I hope I’m saying it right) and will update you how I feel. Right now, I feel ok – but meditation keeps Klonopin withdrawal symptoms at bay for so long…so I need to get the green tea down me quick.


It’s Tuesday, May 31st. I woke up last night with my legs twitching. I did meditation about an hour ago, I fell asleep, and woke up with me legs twitching again. Not sure what that is all about, but I do know that the Klonopin withdrawal symptoms – there are such things as muscles twitching. However, after I’m up for a while – it goes away.

I had to experiment and find the right green tea in order to help me with my anxiety. I bought another green tea product but did not work. So I went back to my Teas’ Tea. The mind fog is totally gone. It’s been several hours since I drank it but the effects seem pretty good. I haven’t gone back out after I got my oil changed for my car and it looks like I’ll be staying in for the rest of the day.

It’s taken me two day for me to log this entry, but I wanted to make sure the new green tea helped me. It looks like it will help me with my mind fog, but still not quite sure. This is now my fourth day off of Klonopin, but I’ll be going back to work tomorrow – so I’ll be taking my regular dosage.

For the remainder of the night, I will drink a little bit more of green tea. I will also lift weights which sometimes kicks off my mind fog…so this will be very interesting to see if this Klonopin withdrawal symptom will pop back up, even with me taking green tea. Time will tell.

I will try to update you, the reader, if I do get mind fog when I lift weights. I am planning to drink the green tea about an hour before I lift, just to see if it will block this symptom. I hope not. If it does not return, then I think I’ll be ready to cut back on Klonopin starting next week. Wish me luck.