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Klonopin Side Effects

First, I’ll tell you my Klonopin Side Effects – what I go through when I take it. This could be because I don’t take enough dosage whenever it’s time for me to take it. The following is a list of side effects that I go through (I briefly explain each one).

  • Disorientation – this is what happens to me most of the time. I may take my regular dosage – but my head sometime becomes “disconnected”. The main thing you have to remember is to make sure that you eat when you get like this. If you are hungry, it actually weakens you a little – so go eat something (and I would advise something healthy).
  • Headache – usually this happens when I skip my medication for a day or two. I don’t advise this. Take your medication every day.
  • Twitching – calves twitch for me, but any kind of muscle usually gets hit by this
  • Skin Crawling – sometimes feels like your skin is sort of itching or maybe on fire.
  • Sickness – Doesn’t happen that much to me – but I have felt some sort of nausea.
  • Temporary Memory Loss – from time to time, I’ll forget what simple things are named
  • Confusion – mixing up my words when I talk

There are a lot more side effects – but the above is the most common. In the end, the best way of kicking the Klonopin habit is to TAPER OFF GRADUALLY. I can’t emphasize that more. Once you get your regular dosage in every day – start to taper off .25 mgs for every drop. That drop maybe every two weeks or every two months. Whatever your comfortable with.

*UPDATE* – I’ve been getting a lot of people asking the question: “How long do Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms last when you start tapering?”. I did some research – I can’t actually answer this question since I’m going through it, and I’m tapering off very slow. So here is the article about How Long Do Klonopin Withdrawals Last?