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Anti-Anxiety Side Effects from Benzos

The side effects of anti anxiety medication such as Xanax or Klonopin is horrible. People e-mail me all the time and always use the same phrase – “…going through hell…” – pretty sad I must say. We all must remember that these benzo meds are supposed to help people through rough patches in their life. If I was a person that never had Xanax before and I experienced a death in the family – if I had to take this type of medication, I would take it for one week max. Anything after a week, addiction sets in.

The symptoms can include nausea, dizziness, temporary memory loss, disorientation stretching to panic attacks. When I personally get these type of symptoms, I meditate. This usually helps after I do this technique, but only temporary. Sometimes the relief can last more than a couple hours, and if the symptoms kick in again, I just go back meditating.

It’s hard to meditate if your at work (obviously), but here’s one way you can meditate at the office. Go into the bathroom stall if you start experiencing any withdrawal symptoms at work and close your eyes and try to breathe deeply. I know, sounds a little gross and freaky when you think about meditating in a stall, but the idea is to slow your anxiety down which will help your symptoms. This won’t take all the bad feelings away, but it will help you.