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In the beginning…

Whoever is reading this site – there is a reason why you clicked on this page. Yes, you are probably suffering through Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms – and it is horrible. However, the things mentioned on this website is intended to help you get through these trying times. There is one factor that I have left out so far. This one item is named God. Think about it…how did you get here? Sure, some of you may believe in the Big Bang theory, but who made those particles that collided with each other? There has to be some sort of “intelligent design” and in my belief, I call him God – and no, I don’t believe in the Big Bang, but by God creating all things. That is how we all got here.

This magnificent force I call God is very compassionate. He loves all human beings and all things in the earth. However, He has given us a free will. Man has decided to use this free will to “sin” or do evil in the sight of God, therefore, creating a judgement day for himself after he dies. We all need redemption from our sins to escape this judgement that will befall us – and there is a way.

Over two thousand years ago, God sent his eternal Son named Jesus from Heaven to earth to show how man should live. However, his primary goal was to show people that they can escape this eternal judgement (since we are all sinners) by repenting to him and believing that Jesus Christ is really God Himself and that He is the Savior of the world. How Jesus became “the way” for all to accept Him as Savior is he was made a sacrifice to all mankind.

During his life, Jesus lived in Israel and it was the time of the Roman Empire. He preached to many that he was “The Way, The Truth and the Life. No man came to God but through Him”. He also claimed that He was God in the flesh and came to save the world from their sins. Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with some people – especially the religious people of the day. They thought He was a radical and not from God. Eventually, they got their way and had Roman Soldiers nail Jesus the Christ on a tree (or a cross) – put a crown of thorns on his head, but before that happened, they had him beaton. Jesus eventually died on the cross – and here, it was signafied that He died for everyone’s sins. He was a sacrifice for all people that who ever believed in Him, would not perish but inherit eternal life by spending it in a place named Heaven (where God and Christ resides) after they died.

One important thing after Jesus’ death – He rose again from the dead after he died on the Roman cross. This was also significant in the fact that he had victory over death itself. Now, here is the good news:

In the Bible, it states that whoever comes to Christ and repents (acknowledges that he is a sinner and turns from his old evil ways) – and believes that Christ is really God Himself and is the Savior of this world…this person will be saved from the judgement in the afterlife.

If you haven’t “accepted Christ as Savior”, and you want to live with Jesus in the afterlife – please repeat this in a prayer to God (no – it doesn’t need to be the exact words, but God knows your heart. If you really want to repent and have Jesus the Christ save you – it will be done, and you will escape God’s eternal judgement):

Dear God – I thank you for giving your Son, Jesus Christ, to this world to be a sacrifice for my sins. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that He is really God himself. I repent of my sins and will follow you the rest of my life. I accept Jesus as my personal Savior and ask him to come into my life. I ask you God to save me from my sins – for I am a sinner. In Jesus name I pray – Amen.

If you have said this prayer and sincerely meant it – then you are saved. The next thing you want to do is look for a “Bible Believing” church that is in your area. Make sure that the church believes the way you do now – which is that Christ is the true Savior and He is God Himself. Get involved in a church and tell the preacher or reverend that you accepted Christ as your personal Savior.

If you have any questions – please e-mail: MShrigley@gmail.com.

Also – for further references from the Bible itself – please click here.