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Xanax Side Effects

Before reading this – if you are seeking to withdrawal safely from Xanax as well as deal with the withdrawal symptoms – there is an article on Xanax Withdrawal that will provide you with information.

I know that this is a Klonopin Withdrawal site – but I want to touch on Xanax since it’s in the same family as Klonopin and I personally was on Xanax before I went to Klonopin. Xanax is more potent in my opinion and can act faster. However, the side effects are just as worse than its’ sister medication.

My own experience with Xanax was that the side effects were more terrifying than Klonopin. If I went off of it more than one day – MAJOR disorientation beat me down. I was hallucinating somewhat and I was basically going crazy. The headaches were intense and I couldn’t go out in public.

The Klonopin side effects were more functional for me – I could walk out of the house and drive a car – even go grocery shopping. With the Xanax (if I went off of it), I just went nuts. I held a steady job in the IT field but it was tough going to work – so I would up the dosage. I then was forgetting things – not good when you work with computers. There were a couple of people during my career that would rib me from time to time about forgetting things…that really hurt me emotionally.

The Xanax got so bad that one day I just sunk to my knees and asked God to help me. A month or two later, my doctor introduced Klonopin to me – though, it was still bad, it was a lot better and I’ve been on Klonopin ever since.

If somone were to ask me if they should try to get off of Xanax slowly or switch to Klonopin then taper off – I would tell them the latter. Again though, this is my own personal experinence, and I would ask you to see your doctor before making such a decision.