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How to Overcome Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax Withdrawal is something to be careful with. My opinion (though you should see your doctor first before following anything on this website) is to be very careful when tapering off the medicine. You WILL get withdrawal symptoms and your life could be turned upside down. There is a possibility that you will not be able to function correctly.

The symptoms can range from simple headaches to disorientation (or mind fog). It varies from person to person and there is never just one symptom, there are many that come with it when you are tapering off. I put together a plan for those who want to taper off of Xanax or Klonopin.

One – TAPER SLOWLY. Let’s say you are taking 2mg per dosage and you decide that you have had enough and want to get off of Xanax for good. In my opinion (again, pass this by your doctor first), how I did it was to take it down a quarter of a mg – therefore, in the example, take it down to 1.75 mg per dosage. When this is done, see how you feel. You may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. If you do, you may want to cut the dose down to .10 to .15 mg. instead. You will need a pill cutter for that.

If you feel that you can not do it at all, then stay on your usual dosage until you can really think you can cut down a little. The goal is to taper down, no matter how small it is. If you can’t cut it down .25 mg – then maybe you can take it down half of that or even more.

Two. Eat right. I know that you have read this before, but food is energy. A symptom that I personally experienced when I was on Xanax and currently on Klonopin, is lack of energy. You need to eat the right type of foods to regain the energy to get through the day and to fight Xanax symptoms as well.

Three. Self-hypnosis. I mention this on the main website for Klonopin and it applies to Xanax as well. When you meditate and focus on positive imagery, just picture your Xanax symptoms (whatever they are) floating away from you. You might want to tell yourself that all your Xanax symptoms are gone and picture yourself throwing the Xanax bottle away.

Four. Exercise. Do this daily. Not only does it help your symptoms calm down, but it helps your health in general. This must be done. People may tell you to exercise three times a week, but in all reality, it should be every day for one hour. I know that it takes time out of your busy schedule, but you will feel much better.

Last Point. Think Positive. Tell yourself that you can get off of Xanax. Never allow a negative thought into your mind. They may come in the form of “I’ll never get off Xanax” or “I’m going to feel lousy today”. Always think that you will eventually overcome this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually someday, you will be free of Xanax and its’ symptoms.

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